St. Augustine’s Cutest Pet Contest

There’s no denying  it – people love their pets!  Whether it’s a slithery snake, bouncing bunny rabbit, or four-legged fur baby, animals have a magical way of making our families feel complete. What about you?  Dog, cat, bird, guinea pig – whatever creature you cozy up with at home and consider family – we want to meet them!  St. Augustine Social is searching for St. Augustine’s cutest pets for a fun feature in our August/September “Family” issue.

Think your pet will make the cut?  Submit a photo and complete the form below for a chance to see your pet on the cover of St. Augustine Social magazine!

All pets will be entered into a voting contest for the world (or St. Augustine at least) to decide! Entries must be received between June 12-15th. Voting will run from June 19th-22nd. Six winners will be chosen to participate in a “Cutest Pet Photo Shoot” on Monday June 26th at 5pm (location will be given to winners). Winners MUST be able and willing to participate in the photo shoot to be featured in this issue.


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