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Getting featured in St. Augustine Social is as easy as Sunday morning.  We want to hear your story ideas, news and announcements.  St. Augustine Social writes stories about local people and interesting things that making St. Augustine, FL one of the best places to live in Florida.  We pass on the stuffy, promotional angles and dig down deeper to the heart of the people who live here and are relentless in our pursuit to write stories that help you discover the very best of St. Augustine, FL.

Please note:  outside of our regular “special advertising sections” in each issue and clearly marked sponsored content stories, we do not sell editorial.  Unless marked with “promotion,” “sponsored” or “special advertising section” none of the stories you see published in St. Augustine Social have been bought or sold.  We do not engage in any type of “if you write a story about me, I’ll advertise with you” type of arrangements. Period.

Press Releases:  If you’d like to send St. Augustine Social regular press releases, please add [email protected] to your media address book.

Events:  If you’d like to promote your event on our community calendar of events, please submit the information at this link.

Please complete the form below to contact us regarding any other editorial idea you have.

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