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People In St. Augustine

Locals stories of perseverance, top performance, acts of kindness and leaders in our community.  The people in St. Augustine who make this small, ocean-side town such a magical place to call home. 

rick mcallister on a camino in spain

Living, People

St. Augustine Veteran Rick McAllister Prepares to Walk the 500-Mile Camino de Santiago

The 75-year-old Vietnam vet will carry a list of local veterans' names on the pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint James.

stunt pilot patty wagstaff and her airplane in st augustine


Race to the Top: Everyday Adventure for Five St. Augustine Women

Wind rushing through your hair. Heart rate rapid and accelerating. This is what most people think of when they hear “adventure.” But for these five local women, it conjures feelings of peace, sanctuary, meditation, and validation.

a dish at costa brava

Food, People

Chef D’oeuvre: The Culinary Success of Costa Brava’s Scott Ostrander

Executive Chef Scott Ostrander of Casa Monica Resort & Spa’s Costa Brava is no stranger to pursuing culinary excellence.

deborah warrick of st augustine wild reserve


Walk on the Wild Side: Deborah Warrick and the St. Augustine Wild Reserve

Through her menagerie of animals at St. Augustine Wild Reserve, Deborah Warrick is setting out to educate visitors about this wild world.

artist steve anderson stands in front of some of his work

Arts and Culture, People

Creative Vision: St. Augustine Artist Steve Anderson Sees the City in a New Way

Despite being almost fully blind, artist Steve Anderson has created his own unique style to document St. Augustine’s magnificent architecture.

girl scout jane hershiser throws cookie boxes in the air


Making the Sale: St. Augustine Girl Scout Jane Hershiser Leads in Local Cookie Sales

A member of local troop #816, 12-year-old Girl Scout Jane Hershiser is using her skills to inspire others and to build a future that she can be proud of.

meg james of trekking twice blog


On the Right Trek: Meg James Travels with Purpose Through Trekking Twice

Ideally, travel involves more than self-care. Meg James and her family learned to positively impact the communities they visit as they trek across the globe.

hopefull handbags founder cathlene miner with an armful of handbags


Hold Out Hope: Cathlene Miner and the Mission of St. Augustine’s Hopefull Handbags

Philanthropist, author, and advocate. Cathlene Miner is trying to erase the stigma associated with domestic abuse while uplifting those who are looking to start over.

viv helwig of vested metals and his employees

Business, People

Moving Up: Leading the Fastest-Growing Businesses in St. Johns County

In the season of setting goals and promoting growth, the leaders at the helms of St. Johns County's fastest-growing businesses uncover their secrets to success.

laird boles of ice plant in st augustine

Food, People

More than the Grind: Chef Laird Boles of Ice Plant

Laird Boles takes pride in delivering big city flavors with a hometown feel – all in the heart of St. Augustine.

st augustine musician jolie sits with her ukelele

Arts and Culture, Music, People

The Rise of St. Augustine Musician Jolie

A dedication to her art, an unmistakable talent, and a deep love for music have pushed Jolie to the forefront of the St. Augustine Music scene.

the doctors at first coast heart and vascular center

People, Sponsored Stories

Heart of Their Work: The Team at First Coast Heart & Vascular Center

The team at First Coast Heart & Vascular Center is offering the region advanced and innovative care with a personal touch.

adam lynn of the island christmas toy drive

Living, People

Legacy of Love: Adam Lynn and St. Augustine’s Island Christmas Toy Drive

Adam Lynn moved beyond his troubled past to a life of giving back to the children of the community through the Island Christmas Toy Drive.

laurel baker of anchor boutique stands in her shop


Weighing Anchor: Laurel Baker of St. Augustine’s Anchor Boutique

A heritage of treasure hunting and travel by sea helped inspire the adventure Laurel Baker embarked upon nine years ago.

floyd phillips of the lincolnville museum in st augustine

Arts and Culture, People

A Living Legend: Floyd Phillips of the Lincolnville Museum

Floyd Phillips could live anywhere in the world and he chose St. Augustine. Why? Because “the most beautiful people live here.”

tina waldrop sits outside osceola elementary school


Straight to the Top: Principle Tina Waldrop of St. Augustine’s Osceola Elementary School

Under the guidance of Tina Waldrop, a belief that "Better Never Quits" brought dramatic changes to Osceola Elementary School and its rating.

member of jacksonville's jax pack trey nadin


Leader of the Pack: St. Augustine’s Trey Nadin Rises to the Top of the Jax Pack

When he accepted an offer to join Jax Pack, Trey Nadin took the opportunity to step up, stand out, and emerge a leader.

donte palmer at home with his family


A Time for Change with Donte Palmer of Squat for Change

A simple Instagram post has turned into an international movement as local dad Donte Palmer is standing up (and squatting down) for change.


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