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american sign language teacher kiara williams pedro menendez high school


Give Me a Sign: Creating Connections through ASL with Kiara Williams

In and out of the classroom, her time teaching American Sign Language has had a profound impact on every life that she's touched.


A Passion for the Classroom with St. Johns County Teacher of the Year Danny Erb

A former mechanical engineer, this passionate and inspiring high school math teacher was recently named St. Johns County Teacher of the Year.

amy upchurch of pink stork st augustine

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Innovating for Mothers with Amy Upchurch of Pink Stork

Innovation is often fueled by personal struggle. That was certainly the case for the founder at CEO of Pink Stork.

joyce mahr of the betty griffin center st augustine


Advocating for Survivors with Joyce Mahr of the Betty Griffin Center

Along with her team, the CEO of the Betty Griffin Center is fighting for and giving a voice to the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in St. Johns County and beyond.

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Playing for a Good Cause: Jackson Taylor of the St. Johns County Police Athletic League

Watching his team teach thousands of children about winning, losing, and being a good citizen, the Executive Director of PAL realizes how fortunate he is to have been afforded opportunities for success.

victim advocate colette domingue works at the st johns county sheriff's office


Sending in Support with St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocate Colette Domingue

During a tragedy and in the wake of the aftermath, victims are never alone. Victim Advocates like Colette are there to make the struggle just a little bit easier.

christie taylor stands in the st johns county dispatch center


On the Line: Meet 911 Dispatcher Lt. Christie Taylor

The voice on the other end of the phone is the lifeline for citizens in emergency situations. That's why 911 dispatchers like Christie Taylor are the "first responder's first responder."

director of emergency management linda stoughton

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Meet Linda Stoughton, St. Johns County Director of Emergency Management

This county's ability to bounce back after the disaster a year ago is thanks in large part to the talents of the Director of Emergency Management and her love for St. Augustine.

thomas o'sullivan cuts hair at st francis house

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Helping Out through Trimming Up: Thomas O’Sullivan Cuts Hair and Lends a Hand at St. Francis House

A dramatic move from the harsh winters of Boston to the tropical sunshine of Florida was no reason to settle down for a slow retirement. This former barber is using his skills to offer a much-needed helping hand.

2016 paramedic of the year st johns county matthew hooker

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Meet Matthew Hooker, St. Johns County Paramedic of the Year

2016's Paramedic of the Year is no stranger to recognition for his dedicated work as a paramedic and firefighter for St. Johns County. But it's been no easy journey.

frederic sterry poses in the sterry piano studio

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Tracing Their Roots and Extending Their Reach: Sterry Piano’s St. Augustine Legacy

The legendary piano purveyors are extending their deep St. Augustine roots by passing music on to the next generation.