Author: Carla Tesconi St. Gelais

neal benson sits in front of a rendering of the arc of the st johns safe harbor project


Building an Arc: Neal Benson of the Arc of the St. Johns

After more than a decade with the Arc of the St. Johns, Neal Benson has seen an enormous amount of growth. But a new chapter is just beginning, and there's more work to be done.

artist steve anderson stands in front of some of his work

Arts and Culture, People

Creative Vision: St. Augustine Artist Steve Anderson Sees the City in a New Way

Despite being almost fully blind, artist Steve Anderson has created his own unique style to document St. Augustine’s magnificent architecture.

floyd phillips of the lincolnville museum in st augustine

Arts and Culture, People

A Living Legend: Floyd Phillips of the Lincolnville Museum

Floyd Phillips could live anywhere in the world and he chose St. Augustine. Why? Because “the most beautiful people live here.”

yoga on the beach with dan nevins


St. Augustine Veteran Dan Nevins is Waking a Warrior Spirit

Dan Nevins has overcome unimaginable obstacles, endured unspeakable loss and despair. Now, he motivates and inspires thousands worldwide.


A Sure Sign with Dr. Jeanne Prickett of the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

Having spent her life improving the worlds of deaf and blind students, we are privileged she’s now guiding the students in our city.

bob meade organist in st augustine

Arts and Culture, Music, People

The Musical Legacy of Bob Meade

Trained by all local teachers, eighty-eight year-old Bob Meade reflects on a lifetime of music in his beloved St. Augustine.

Living, People

Birds of a Feather: Meet the St. Johns Audubon Society

Take a walk through the beautiful nature of St. Johns County to discover the lives of our feathered friends.


Working for West Augustine with Jaime Perkins

Starting with her own community, she takes a step-by-step approach to initiate change and make the world a better place.


Meet St. Johns County Firefighter of the Year Max Schafer

Named St. Johns County's 2018 Firefighter of the Year, Max Schafer finds motivation from his family, his crew, and the work that he does for the people of our community.