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Around the globe St. Augustine, Florida  is recognized as one of the country’s most charming cities. Channeling that charm and unparalleled spirit of this iconic city, St. Augustine Social was developed to deliver local residents and visitors the very best the nation’s oldest city has to offer, in a multi-media and event format.  As the only premier local lifestyle magazine produced by an award-winning boutique publisher with over 14 years of experience and combined 40 years of residency in St. Johns county, we can proudly call ourselves the authority on a life well lived in St. Augustine.  Updated daily at staugsocial.com and published bi-monthly in an eye catching wide body format, St. Augustine Social will capture the attention of readers with powerful photography, real-relevant topics, useful ideas and a sincere commitment to highlighting a life well-lived in Northeast Florida.

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Combining compelling stories, stunning photography, and clean design with St. Augustine Social’s ultimate purpose to bridge the gap between resident and local businesses, there’s never been such a commitment to bettering the lives of those who call St. Augustine home.

Through a vast print distribution network, popular website, local networking, and promotional events St Augustine Social remains in front of up and comers, business owners, local trend-setters, families and the St. Augustine visitor.

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