YIELD Fulfills Your Home Design Dreams with Obscura

The Ancient City’s beloved design gurus, YIELD design house, have just made it a lot easier to make your home a practical masterpiece. Their eclectic, adorable shop Obscura opened on Cordova Street on March 10. Established in San Fransisco in 2012 by Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant, YIELD now offers St. Augustine industrial home and lifestyle designs that combine traditional American craftsmanship with forward-thinking innovation.

It is this fusion that they now channel through Obscura. The shop, however, started this year out with anything but the light and airy atmosphere it now boasts. The space had been flooded by Hurricane Matthew and though the previous owners had gutted it in a desperate attempt to repair, Andrew and Rachel had to gut even more before the space would be usable.

“We had to get pretty deep to make it something we could work with,” says Andrew, “We pulled out a drop ceiling, moved a wall 6 feet back, drywalled, painted, installed lighting, poured floors…We did all of the remodel work ourselves except for the flooring. After a contractor fell through, Rachel and I also ended up building the fixtures over the last few weeks.”

Suffice it to say, it took a lot of work to get the boutique where it is today. Now it not only provides easy access to many of YIELD’s signature design pieces, but also an extensive collection of local designers as well as some of Andrew and Rachel’s favorites from all over the world. You can get French presses, note cards, containers, tea towels, candles, bags, you name it (Officially added to our Christmas shopping list!)

In addition to this full range of designers, Obscura has a space dedicated to a featured artists, whose work and products will be on display for a limited time. The first of these artists is Marleigh Culver of Need Supply in Richmond, Virginia, who will be available until May 1. Her work is colorful without being overwhelming and geometric without being angular and sharp.

Just walking into the store is calming and the products represent a laid back, minimalist lifestyle that suits perfectly the Oldest City charm. Without a doubt, Obscura is soon to be a St. Augustine icon.

For more information, visit www.yielddesign.co/obscura or follow Obscura on Instagram. Photography by Kelsey Heinze.

Molly Wilson is an editorial intern at St. Augustine Social. She is a Tallahassee, Florida native who came to St. Augustine in 2014 to attend Flagler College for her undergraduate. Molly is an English and Philosophy/Religion major who spends her very limited free time reading on the beach and baking.