The Rosy Cheek Brings Beauty Bar and Apothecary to Uptown St. Augustine

Joining the lineup of locally-owned and operated shops and boutiques that together make up the entrepreneur-driven shopping district dubbed “Uptown St. Augustine” is The Rosy Cheek – a newly opened beauty bar and apothecary, by Jacksonville-native, Jennifer Minchella. With a focus on natural beauty, The Rosy Cheek is setting out to meet a need in the community, offering beauty products that are organic and healing, along with makeup services.

Jennifer has officially set up shop alongside Laurel Baker of Anchor Boutique. Not only does “Anchor Boutique and The Rosy Cheek” have a nice ring to it, Anchor’s hand-crafted jewelry and The Rosy Cheek’s selection of natural beauty products compliment each other seamlessly. Everything in this recently renovated and redefined retail space is crafted or curated by Laurel and Jennifer, and is reflective of their passion and skill.





In deciding the “where” of launching what is her first ever business, Jennifer admits St. Augustine chose her, more specifically “us.” The “us” she speaks of includes her business partner and fiancé, St. Augustine native, John Comee, of Shiloh Furniture Company. When the opportunity presented itself to open up shop with Laurel, Jennifer eagerly obliged. And so, a build-out began, to bring Anchor and The Rosy Cheek together in one open, airy, illuminated, multi-faceted retail space. Custom wood shelving, cabinetry, and counters were designed, built and installed by John, made to be equal parts functional and beautifully aesthetic.


“I’m going to toot my own horn and say our store is really something to look at. Most everything was built and designed by John, and is filled with treasures and gems courtesy of Anchor Boutique,” said Jennifer.




The Rosy Cheek seeks to stand out among beauty shops with both the products that line the shelves and the overall approach to beauty. “Our focus on green beauty truly separates us from the pack,” said Jennifer. “Another rare benefit, being a licensed medical Esthetician and trained makeup artist means guests receive a custom designed skin care regimen for their individual needs. I want to educate everyone on skin care and how to use the makeup they invest in.”

The Rosy Cheek’s approach to beauty is one that focuses on enhancing the natural, as opposed to covering up. “My approach to beauty is as an Esthetician first, makeup artist second. Nothing is more beautiful than healthy glowing skin – this is your canvas for whatever makeup you choose,” said Jennifer, adding that a good skin care routine is essential for your well being, along with a nutritious diet and exercise.

“When it comes to cosmetics, use products that enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs just about everything we put on to it, that’s why using makeup that is organic and healing means so much to me.” – Jennifer




Roughly 90 percent of the products found at The Rosy Cheek are organic, and everything is cruelty-free. There are even homegrown Florida-made products in the mix, like Wild Medicine – a company that is bringing the healing and cleansing properties of stones, crystals, and oils into everyday life with their handmade soaps.

Though Jennifer only stocks items in her shop she’s personally a fan of, there are particular products and lines she especially raves about, including Malin and Goetz Eucalyptus deodorant, both aluminum and alcohol free. RMS makeup is a line she’s thrilled to be bringing into the shop. “I am obsessed to a fault, it’s coconut oil based, and melts flawlessly into your skin — it’s changed my life!” she said.

Another standout brand and product line worth noting is Moon Juice. Rather than dusting on the face, their moon dusts work magic from within. “Moon Dust is a line of wild crafted, organic, medicinal ‘dusts’ of powders that you add to smoothie, nut milk or even tea,” explained Jennifer. “They are healing, collagen boosting supplements that are also known to promote healthy hair growth. Normally you can only find these in Venice Beach or The Ace hotel in Beverly Hills.”



The Rosy Cheek offers more than a retail presence. Jennifer offers bridal and event makeup services, both onsite in the shop where she has a designated space set up, as well as offsite. She also extends makeup lessons to individuals and groups looking to make a party out of the experience.


The Rosy Cheek + Anchor Boutique is now open for business from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Sundays (plus courtesy mimosas on Sundays) and closed Mondays.

The Rosy Cheek is hosting its grand opening party on Saturday July 2, 4:30 – 8:30 p.m. This celebration will include live music from the Rivernecks and Beau Crumb, plus light food and refreshments. This grand opening will align with the six year anniversary of Anchor Boutique.

The Rosy Cheek + Anchor Boutique, 77 San Marco Avenue #3

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Sarah is a professional storyteller, distance runner, vegan, and lifelong Floridian.