Living on the Veg: South Beach Grill’s Crescent Beach Vegetable Bowl

Located oceanfront in Crescent Beach, South Beach Grill offers a sweet curried veggie dish appropriate for almost every palette.

Owned by Flagler College alumnus, Ted McLemore, South Beach Grill is known around St. Augustine for their variety of fresh, local seafood and unbeatable oceanfront view. But seafood isn’t their only specialty. Yup, if it’s veggies you’re looking for South Beach Grill has plenty to offer – everything from a few salads to three vegetarian bowls, and some vegetarian-friendly appetizers, like their homemade black bean and cilantro hummus.

South Beach Grill St. Augustine FL

At the top, though, sits their Crescent Beach Vegetable Bowl – your fill of fresh veggies smothered in a sweet red coconut curry sauce. Don’t let the curry scare you off if you have a sensitive palette, though. It’s a very pleasant, mild sauce. If you’re a fan of Indian spices and a little heat, ask them to bump up the curry flavor when you order. Be sure to squeeze on the lime wedge for a burst of citrus too; it really brings out the coconut flavor.

The menu lists broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, bell pepper, and onion as the vegetables in the Crescent Beach Vegetable Bowl, but every time I’ve ordered it, I’ve had other welcome surprises like mushrooms and kale. Served in a large bowl on top of yellow rice, you’ll likely be leaving with half of your order in a box. Their bowls are quite a substantial portion as are many of their other entrees.

Adding chicken, fish, or shrimp to this bowl for a few extra bucks is an option for the meat-eaters looking to find a little more protein. The red coconut curry sauce makes a nice compliment to seafood. Even if you’re a devoted carnivore, it’s a good idea to check the vegetarian options for something a little different. Oftentimes vegetarian menus are more outside the box than standard menu items.

If you’re a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, take half the bowl home and leave room for dessert. South Beach Grill’s Peanut Butter Tower is a stack of sweet delight. The bottom is graham cracker crumbs, topped high with peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache.

South Beach Grill is your last stop before the ocean located at in Crescent Beach. They’re open for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday, and for Breakfast too on Saturday and Sunday.

South Beach Grill is located at 45 Cubbedge Road. Call them at 904-471-8700 or visit them online at Photography by Ed Taylor.

Meaghan Alvarado is a freelance writer, yoga teacher, Flagler College alumni, and dog mom to three.