No More Roughing It with Fancy Camps

Fancy Camps allows you to enjoy the best parts of nature with none of the hassle or inconvenience.

Some people like roughing it – exposure to the elements, no running water, nothing but a sleeping bag between you and the earth. For others, camping is great just as long as you have air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and a comfy bed. If you belong to the latter camp (pun intended), the phenomenon of “glamping” is for you! Fancy Camps is a Florida-based company founded by Micah and Danielle Heller that specializes in unique, customized camping experiences.

Imagine spending an evening under the stars surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of nature, then retiring to your air-conditioned, chicly-decorated tent complete with a queen-size bed, fresh white linens, lighting, area rugs, and bedside tables. That’s my kind of camping! Campsites can be set up at any of Fancy Camps’ partner state parks or at the site of your choice. Set up and break down is provided by Fancy Camps. You just supply the company.

The Hellers’ inspiration for Fancy Camps came after seeing a documentary about early wealthy Americans on safari who traveled with the luxury to which they were accustomed. With some good business sense and snazzy taste, the couple was able to seamlessly translate the concept to modern society. While the Hellers are based in Northwest Florida, they’re keeping the business in the family with the addition of the St. Augustine market, “We are excited about the expansion of Fancy Camps into the St. Augustine area. My sister and brother-in-law, Josh and Megan Langan, will be operating Fancy Camps in that area. They both have roots in St. Augustine. Megan graduated from Flagler and the both have a love for the city and surroundings.”

Thinking outside the box, Fancy Camps is great for music festivals, birthday parties, and corporate events. Further, their tents aren’t limited to just camping – for weddings, they can set up on-site lodging, lounge tents, bar or cigar tents, food tents, hair and makeup tents, and kids play tents. Micah Heller says that they created Fancy Camps in hopes that it would be a “unique and memorable experience for family and friends.” Removing or minimizing hassles like tent pitching, the Florida humidity, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements are just what some of us need to make that happen. High-maintenance? No! Memory-making in style and comfort.

Call 850-628-9696 for reservations or visit Photos provided by Fancy Camps.


Amanda is a former banking professional turned stay-at-home-mom. She was born and raised in Central Florida and now resides in St. Augustine with her husband and two young kids. When Amanda grows up she wants to work in a bookstore, but for now she loves reading, going out to dinner and discovering St. Augustine with her family and friends.