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Through vast print distribution networks, popular website, social media, and event promotion, St Augustine Social remains in front of families, fellow business owners, and local tourists 24/7. Visually appealing print and digital platforms draw attention and return results.



St. Augustine Social  is sold in every Publix, Target, Barnes & Noble, CVS, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie and select local retailers in St. Johns County, Jacksonville, and Palm Coast. Targeted direct mail campaigns deliver magazines to all of St. Augustine’s most popular neighborhoods, with paid subscribers, complimentary magazines in every auto dealership, popular waiting rooms in the area, and special event distribution completing SOCIALS print reach.

ONLINE and Social Media represent the core of our reach. With expanded print features, commercial news and an active marketplace for residents searching for local services, our Social Media serves as a gateway to drive residents to where they find the events and service providers they want, presented in a user friendly format.


Over 215,000 locals call St. Augustine, FL home, with projected 2016 numbers over 220,000. In the last 14 years St. Augustine’s population has grown over 50% compared to Florida’s overall growth rate of 17%.  Projected households for 2016 stand at 87,124, which means approximately 4,363 new households a year since 2013. We affectionately call these new households “Local Tourists” as they are new to the area and looking to become locals with the best businesses in town.

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